Mar. 1894 Founder, Mosaburo Kawai, started distributing calcium carbonate and talc in Ryogoku, Tokyo.
May 1923 Katsuo Kawai, son of Mosaburo, joined the business.
Sep.1947 Katsuo Kawai took over KAWAMO.
Nov.1949 Kawamo-Shoten was established by JPY50,000 capital.
Nov. 1963 Kawamo became a stock company by 1million JPY capital stock.
Dec. 1963 Started import and export business.
Feb. 1964 Katsuyoshi Kawai became president because of Katsuo's death. Sales of plastic and rubber row material were increased.
Feb. 1967 Capital stock was increased to JPY2million.
Mar. 1968 Purchased Nichibei Killcoart Industry Co. from Showa Varnish Co.,Inc. and started manufacturing insect killer paint at Saitama factory.
Jan. 1969 Exported Killcoart technology to Shingen Industry, Taiwan.
Nov. 1970 Moved head office to Nihonbashi, and became a stock company.
Mar. 1975 Capital stock was increased to JPY10million.
May 1975 Imported solid golf ball manufacturing technology from PCR Co. in Australia, and sold to Asahi Corporation ( Nihon Rubber ).
Aug. 1976 Started manufacturing CALVIT( Special Made Calcium Hydroxide for Fluoro Rubber ) and selling as a exclusive distributor.
Apr. 1979 Imported portable small-water toilet for INAX Co.
Jun. 1984 Started selling FRP paravola antenna.
Dec. 1987@ Started selling rubber mat for car to Auto-Backs Seven Co.
Apr. 1989 Started selling hotmelt adhesive and its applicater.
Aug. 1992 Started seeling computerized Irrigation system from Israel for golf course, warehouse etc.
Sep. 1994 Started vegitable business ( import fresh or processed ). 100 years aniversary of Kawamo, and made gifts for customers.
Apr. 1997 Started importing fresh Carrots, Onions, Squash from New Zealand and Tasmania, Australia.
May 1999 Opened website.
Apr. 2001 Roppon-Ashi Entomological books started business on web.
Nov. 2002 Shinya Kawai took over president from Katsuyoshi Kawai.
Jun. 2003 The shop of Roppon-Ashi Entomological books has opend in Ryogoku, Tokyo.
Mar. 2004 Received ISBN number for publisher, and start publishing business with TAITA publishers in Czech republic.
Aug. 2005 Atlas of Japanese Scarabaeoidea vol. has completed.
Apr. 2008 Head office have moved to new building due to rebuilding of old office in Nihonbashi.