Insect Society of the PHILIPPINES

Vol.I, No.1
Price : JPY952(without mailing cost)
Issue : Mar. 20, 1993
B5 size, 13pp.(3 color plates)
lntroduction:Justin Nuyda 1
 Roberto S. Sebastian(Secretary Department of Agriculture) 2
 Baron Patrick Be Koenigswarter 2
 Prof. Julian N.Jumalon 3
 Dr. Alejandro R. Roces(Past Secretary of Education) 3
 Yuji Shiraishi(President lnsect Preservation Association) 4
A New Danaid Species from the Philippines(Lepidoptera:Danaidae):C.G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 5
A New Danaid Subspecies from Mindro Island, Philippines(Lepidoptera:Danaidae):C.G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 8
A New Subspecies of Moduza nuydai from Mindro Island, Philippines(Lepidoptera:Nymphalidae):C.G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 9
New Eurema Subspecies from Mt.Halcon, Mindro Island, Philippines(Lepidoptera:Pieridae):C.G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 12
A New Zophoessa Subspecies from Mindro Island, Philippines:C.G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 13



Vol.I, No.2

Price : JPY952(without mailing cost)
Issue : Dec. 15, 1993
B5 size, 21pp(5 color plates).
The Pioneers:Noy Novella 1
Descriptions of new Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera) from Leyte and Mindanao:Yasuo Seki 3
A Short Report on Phrissura aegis, C. and R.FELDER (Lepidoptera:Pieridae):Justin S. Nuyda & Minoru Kitamura 15
On the female of Terinos romeo, Schroeder & Treadaway (Lepidoptera:Nymphalidae):Justin S. Nuyda & Minoru Kitamura 18



Vol.II, No.1.

Price : JPY952(without mailing cost)
Issue : May 15, 1994
B5 size, 36pp.(6 color plates)
Jewels of Kitanglad :Noy Novella 3
A New Subspecies of Thoressa justini(Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae):Justin S. Nuyda & Minoru Kitamura 6
Description of Six New Subspecies from the Philippines(Lepidoptera:Nymphalidae):Colin G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 8
The Re-establishment of Tanaecia lupina and Tanaecia leucotaenia as a Separate Species(Lepidoptera:Nymphalidae):Colin G.Treadaway & Justin S. Nuyda 14
Unrecorded Hesperiids from the Islands of Leyte and Panay, Philippines:Minoru Kitamura 15
A Survey of the Insect Fauna of Mt.Madyaas and Alojipan Culasi, Antique, Philippines:B. F. Cayabyab, R. G. Bayot & C. C. Custodio 24
New SubspeciesofCraphium sandawanum(Lepidoptera:Papilionidae):Justin S. Nuyda 30
New Subspecies of Lotongus calathus from Basilan, Mindanao:C. G. Treadaway & Justin Nuyda 30
The Collector (special feature) 32