CALVIT - Special Made Calcium Hydroxide for Fluoro Rubber

1. Introduction
CALVIT was originally developed in 1976 with DuPont Dow elastomers, and specially
designed as an acid acceptor for only Fluoro Rubber. Now CALVIT is the only Japanese
Calcium Hydroxide for Fluoro Rubber, and is widely used by most Fluoro Rubber
manufactures for more than 20 years. This proves the high quality of CALVIT so we
recommend to use our product to keep or improve your quality and productivity.

2. How CALVIT works
CALVIT is mainly used in Polyol Vulcanization System of Fluoro Rubber in the combination
of high activated Magnesium Oxide. These proper combination promotes better vulcanization,
and the role of Calcium Hydroxide here is so important. CALVIT is fine Calcium Hydroxide
powder made by special machine and graded and tested with careful treatment. So very much
activated and easy to spread into the polymer. Using high quality Calcium Hydroxide, you will
get better tensile strength and low compression set which is the characteristic of Polyol

3. Quality and Package
CALVIT is very much uniformed super fine powder of Calcium Hydroxide coated by special
oil which makes flow and dispersion smooth and unti-blocking. During manufacture and pack,
the factory is completely free from contamination and moisture, Then vacuum packed in 1kg
polyethylene bag, and put the bag in 1kg plastic tapper ware which can seal and keep out
from moisture. We have two type of packages which are 4kg carton and 18kg carton. Each
size contains plastic tapper ware.

4. How to use
Please see attached data sheet or ask technical section of DuPont Dow elastomers for further
information. Standard formulation is 6phr of CALVIT and 3phr of Magnesium Oxide, and
recommend to pre-mix with Carbon Black before mixing with Fluoro Rubber polymer.

5. How to stock
CALVIT is very active and easy to get moisture, so please close bag and seal the plastic ware
firmly after using. Then please keep in dark, cool and low moisture place for stocking.

6. Data and Specification
We have various data, and will provide on request. Please ask us with your perpose.